Radio Free T.Y.O

All Hail the Glorious Noise!

the sound of joyous hopelessness

Welcome, welcome, a thousand welcomes to Radio Free T.Y.O, the TAFL-approved fanlisting for the music released for CLAMP's magnum opus and love letter to 90s Tokyo, TOKYO Babylon! CLAMP threw all their heart and eclectic taste in music into the formation of TyoBabi's soundtrack, being largely made up of songs already in existence -- songs they thought that encapsulated the "feel" of the series. The music of TyoBabi is, essentially, a mixtape compiled by its creators, making it unique amongst many anime/manga soundtracks, and very personal to fans. If you're a fan of these amazing soundtracks, please do join the listing!


Pleiades North Star
Catalexis On Angel's Wings Innocentia Raison D'être A Ticket To Wonderland
Weiß Refrain
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aromatic // windflowers

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